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Being a vet is challenging.  Being a vet and finding time to protect your own health is REALLY challenging. 

Over 17 years in practice I came to realise this only too well.  How do you make time to “meal prep” when it feels like there is barely time for a toilet break?  Where does the energy for exercise come from, after an on call all-nighter? How can you relax when there’s a client chasing answers for a complicated case?

Nobody said it would be this hard!

I once had a boss who liked to appear in the clinic when things weren’t going to plan and say, “Nobody said it would be easy!”.  It would infuriate me and motivate me in equal measures!  

The phrase stuck with me.  Yes, nobody said things would be easy – but neither did they say they could be really hard. 

THIS is why I was so drawn to The Tiny Habits Method of Behaviour Change.  And why I am so passionate about sharing it with other vets.  

When your life is hectic and your schedule unpredictable the last thing you need is the pressure of a prescriptive eating plan, a complicated exercise programme or a lengthy mindfulness practice.

Tiny to Transformative

Instead you need a way to fit healthy habits into your day.  And an understanding of what and how to change to achieve the biggest wins for YOUR health. Most of all you need an approach that is sustainable not just for January but for life.  This is the Tiny to Transformative approach that I applied to my own life and now share with others every day.  

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