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Read my top ten tips below to help you feel your best this year

New year resolutions are all very well but often they are discarded as quickly as they are made. Will power can only last so long. This is not weakness or laziness, it’s just how the human brain is wired.

Instead of stringent new regimes that leave you feeling hungry, tired, aching or stressed about finding extra time or money, try a list of quick and completely free things you could do today to start feeling better.

No will power or extra investments needed. As your body starts to thank you for the small changes, your brain will respond and help ensure they become habits.


  1. Go outside: No surprises here, given my love of the great outdoors, Northamptonshire and beyond! Just a few minutes outside will boost your mood, reduce anxiety and aid better sleep.
  2. Prioritise sleep: Eight hours doesn’t suit everyone and isn’t always possible at certain times of our lives but making it a higher priority will improve your energy and concentration. It will also make you less likely to overeat or become irritable.
  3. Leave your phone outside your bedroom: Remove the temptation to scroll social media or work emails last thing at night and first thing in the morning. Allow your brain to switch off and rest from this information overload. Turn the ring tone to max if you are worried about missing a call.
  4. Get colourful with your fruit and veg: The five a day rule is often cited but variety is just as important as quantity. Eat a range of colours to help support your gut microflora without obsessing about numbers.
  5. Switch to decaff or go herbal after lunch: Too much caffiene in the second half of the day will increase anxiety levels and interfere with sleep quality.
  6. Do something you enjoy every day: This isn’t selfish or decadent and doesn’t have to cost anything. It will make you a better friend, partner, parent, employee and boss. Anything from reading a couple of pages of a book or magazine, watching your favourite comedy You-tube clip, to going for a run with a friend.
  7. Practice a 5 minute yoga routine: No fancy clothes, mat or far-away retreat needed. Check out a guided session on You-tube for a free taster. It is a great way of relaxing the mind whilst strengthening the body. I’m a total convert.
  8. Get out of breath: Daily aerobic exercise is hard to fit in to life’s timetable sometimes but doing something/anything that gets you out of breath even for a few minutes will lift your mood and give you more energy. Leave later and run for the bus, climb every set of stairs you meet in twos, have a kitchen disco… I could go on and on!
  9. Put real downtime in your diary: Actually booking it in gives this the attention it deserves. A few minutes sitting quietly, no phone, no TV, perhaps just a cuppa and some background music. Let your brain rest and remember to breathe.
  10. And saving the best for last; Set an impossible goal and start living it NOW! Write it down and start believing in it. It costs nothing to really believe in yourself and it will do wonders for your energy and focus. This is how I founded Nurture and found myself on the start line of my first 100 mile trail race.

Many of these tips are not specific to exercise or nutrition. There is so much more to “healthy”
living and Nurture’s approach aims to demonstrate this.

Here’s to a happy healthy 2020!