Tilda’s Top Tips for Parkrunning

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The idea for “Tilda’s Top Tips” has come entirely from my daughter, Matilda. She presented me with her Parkrunning blog saying that she wanted Nurture to reach out to kids as well as adults!

How could I refuse?

It seems that at just 9 years old she has grasped Nurture’s key principle; inspiration. So, I’ve promised she can have a blog space once a month as long as she delivers!

Whilst Matilda is very much the outdoor adventure type she is definitely a stickler for rules and regulations when it comes to homework so I’m pretty confident she won’t let me down. She is also an aspiring author and illustrator and I suspect my main task may be keeping her word count in check.

I hope you will appreciate a refreshing look at the joy of life through the eyes and words of a young girl. Someone who doesn’t know what it is like to scroll social media for hours or worry about her body shape. A world perhaps we could all do with spending more time in.

Please share her words with your family and help Nurture “reach out to kids”.


My name is Tilda, and this month I’m going to give you some Tilda Tips on why you can and should try a Parkrun!

1) It will get you and your family up and outside on a Sunday morning.

This is really good because on Sunday you often laze around all day. There is one in almost every
town so you can always find one near you.

2) You don’t have to run all the way you can walk if you want.

You can go as fast or as slow as you want and it doesn’t matter if you come first or last.

3) It’s a “run not a race”!

Don’t worry if it’s your first time. There are friendly marshals to show you the way and cheer you
on (my Mummy is one!)

4) You can run with or without your Mummy and Daddy.

You can run with a friend a sister or a brother or all by yourself.

5) You can record your time with a barcode which will send your results to your parents’ phone.

This means you can get PBs (Personal Bests) and set yourself goals.

So have fun and get Parkrunning!