Positive things to think about in lockdown life

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As we are all in “lockdown” I thought I would share some positive things about it. I think if we all try to keep happy we will find this time a lot easier.

  1. You get to see more of your immediate family. Staying at home means you can spend more time with your family.

2. You can learn new skills. Now we have more time at home it’s a great time to try something new. I have started learning cross stitch.

3. It makes you appreciate the things you have. At the moment we don’t have access to as much food as normal so when you have things like ice cream or strawberries it feels like a luxury.

4. It helps you be more creative with the games you play. My sister and I have invented a game called Bucket Ball, like basketball only with a bucket!

5. You get to find out about a different way of communicating with friends and wider family using apps like Zoom and House Party. These are great ways of seeing people when you can’t visit them.

So, try to stay positive and have fun when you can.