Online Coaching

Imagine being able to get all the support and advice you need on your exercise, nutrition and lifestyle without leaving your home…

Engage in purposeful discussions about how and why improvements can be made, based on your personal circumstances and learn Behaviour Design skills that will ensure lasting and effective changes. Changes that will benefit not just yourself but also your family, friends and work colleagues.

The Online “Tiny Habits” Coaching offered by Nurture will give you just this.

Certified Tiny Habits Coaching

In addition to my exercise and nutrition qualifications I am a Certified Tiny Habits Coach. I trained with Professor BJ Fogg, founder of the Behaviour Design Lab at Stanford University, USA, to master the “Tiny Habits” method of behaviour change.

In Professor Fogg’s own words “The essence of Tiny Habits is this: Take a behaviour you want, make it tiny, find where it fits naturally in your life and nurture its growth.”

In perfect harmony with Nurture Health and Fitness, Professor Fogg uses a plant analogy where habits are seeds that can be planted in your garden of life. If you plant your habit in the correct place in your routine and “nurture it”, your habit will grow or propagate to become a strong and permanent fixture in your life. Similarly bad habits that can grow as weeds that must be untangled and uprooted to allow our life to flourish.

By combining my knowledge of exercise and nutrition with the Professor Fogg’s Behaviour Design methods and models I teach you how to sow health-promoting habits into your lives, sustainably and enjoyably. No gritted teeth, no feelings of frustration or guilt when your motivation for another new regime fails, just simple techniques that are founded on years of scientific research into human behaviour.

Habits don’t need 21 or even 66 days to form.

With careful design that is personalised to you and your environment, they can take root within 3 to 5 days and last a lifetime. My coaching will guide you through this design process allowing you to create the life you want now and forever. As Professor Fogg explains “our collection of habits is an ever-shifting landscape we can nurture by design or ignore at our peril.”

Free Consultation Call

If you are serious about changing your habits and behaviours for good, join the thousands of people that have already benefitted from this type of coaching and book your FREE consultation zoom call to find out how I can help you today.

What to expect from your first consultation call:

• A chance to explore your health goals and aspirations.
• Opportunity to discuss the challenges and difficulties that have previously held you back.
• Explanation of how Tiny Habits Coaching can revolutionise your approach to health and fitness.
• Details of individual coaching programmes to guide your journey from tiny habits to transformative lifestyle.

All online coaching provided by Nurture is bespoke to you and your needs.

Whilst the general principles are consistent, each and every consultation and programme will be different and unique to you.

Details of specific programmes:

1) FREE Five Day Tiny Habit Coaching Programme

• Coaching via daily emails and videos using the Tiny Habits Coaching platform with me as your personal coach.
• Fantastic introduction to the principles and a chance to see the benefits straight away.
• Personal experience of my style of coaching to see if it is the right fit for you.
• Opportunity for us to build a rapport and foundation for continued coaching.
• Email to book

2) Individual Coaching Consultation

• 60 minute one-on-one zoom consultation call.
• Personal coaching with me using the Tiny Habits Method.
• Bespoke guidance on defining and achieving your personal health and fitness goals.
• Offered as a one-off or a follow up after a free consultation call or five day programme.
• Individually booked and paid for in advance: click here to book.

3) Ten week Tiny Habit Coaching Programme

• Weekly 60 minute one-on-one zoom consultations for personal coaching with me using the Tiny Habits Method.
• In depth explanation of the principles for successful, sustainable behaviour change.
• Guidance on how to design your best health promoting habits and weed out your worst.
• Exploration into how your emotions effect your habits.
• Inspiration to promote a shift in your mindset and self-identity.
• Support to allow your habits to grow from tiny to transformative.
• Expansion of your new skills of Behaviour Design to your benefit your wider home and work environment.
• Booked and paid for in advance: click here to book.

4) Tiny Habit Exercise Videos

• Designed to supplement your coaching consultations and programmes.
• High quality short (30 second maximum) videos made personally by me to give specific examples of appropriate exercises.
• Voice-over with teaching points to ensure safe and correct performance.
• Huge range to accommodate different aspirations and fitness levels including pilates, yoga, high intensity interval training (HIIT), strength and conditioning.
• Email to purchase.

What Tiny Habits Clients Say…

“After doing the Tiny Habits Programme I now see myself as someone who has more control of her own life.”
“Life-changing for me as I recover from concussion. This has helped my brain relax.”
The Tiny Habits Programme has taught me to think about my behaviour in a new and exciting way.”
“Alice was very responsive and gave consistently excellent and useful feedback.”

Alice gave me very specific tips on how to adjust my habits. I immediately tried them and they worked brilliantly.”
Alice was a very kind coach. I will definitely keep her details for more consultations when I get stuck.”
Videos were tremendous to have because they allow me to have something to feed into my day and are a great example of correct posture in a pose.

Nurture Tiny Habits Clients.