Nurture Gym Space: About

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Whilst I am a huge advocate of outdoor exercise there are times, (and weathers!) when being undercover is a good option…

Having used a range of different gyms over recent years I have come to recognise some of the less desirable qualities that are often associated with these spaces. Sweaty equipment, floor to ceiling mirrors, unsympathetic lighting, loud music, over-crowded spaces and an absence of nature can all work together to create an environment that is uninspiring and intimidating.

With this in mind, my husband and I have designed the Nurture gym so that you can enjoy your exercise without such issues.

The space offers;

  • Running machine, seated bike and water-resistance rowing machine
  • Weights bench and selection of free weights
  • Mats for body weight exercises, yoga and pilates
  • Double doors which can be left open throughout the session
  • Inspiring mountain range feature wall and outdoor adventure prints
  • Surround-sound stereo system with connection to hook your phone/iPod for personalised music choice
  • Pre-bookable slots for personal use or to share with a friend.

For an introduction to the gym and to book:

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