Making it personal: Five important reasons why one-on-one sessions are worth the investment

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While exercising and learning in groups can be great fun, it will not suit everyone all of the time.

When deciding on the best format for you consider these key points:

1) Everyone is different

Group sessions and classes must cater for differences in knowledge, understanding and ability. This can mean you are pushed too much or not enough. The former can intimidate and demoralise you and will increase your risk of injury. The latter will cause frustration at the lack of progress and will reduce your motivation to continue.

If you find a session that is appropriate for you initially remember everyone progresses at different rates so this may not remain the case. Individual sessions allow you to be trained specifically at your level, maximise achievement and progress safely and enjoyably towards personal goals.

2) Individual attention to detail

With only one client to focus on, subtle changes in your demeanour or movement are easier to detected with individual sessions. This will mean earlier recognition of problems or contraindications for exercise and help to prevent injury.

3) No intimidating large venues or groups of people

The thought joining a group of people you have never met before can be a very daunting prospect. Often individual sessions can be held at your own home or in small, more inviting spaces.

4) Financial commitment boosts mindset and motivation

It goes without saying that you are more likely to skip a group session than the more expensive individual session. But more than this, the extra investment for one-on-one coaching re-inforces the message that you are making your health a high priority. You will approach your sessions with the respect they need to be successful in your goals.

5) Personal commitment

While it is easy to think that your absence wouldn’t be felt from a class setting, failure to turn up for individual training is harder to justify. When you find a trainer you can connect with you will feel a more personal commitment to his or her sessions. More one-on-one time also provides the opportunity to ask questions and progress your individual learning and understanding.

I recognise the advantages of both group and individual sessions and a combination of these are
offered by Nurture.

Similarly, I acknowledge that while some people prefer to work alone without any assistance others thrive off a more complete and personal service. This is why the Snail to Trail programmes are offered in the Personalised or Standard format. The Personalised Programme gives a holistic nutrition and exercise service with weekly individual running sessions to ensure you stay on track.

The Standard Programme provides a generic exercise plan designed to achieve the same goal but is not personalised to your current health and fitness levels and relies on your own commitment and motivation to complete the sessions.

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