Charity and Community

Green Acres Rural Enterprises

Whilst many of us are in the fortunate position to be able to pay for health and fitness advice, large proportions of our community are not. With this in mind Nurture will make an annual donation to an inspiring community charity or enterprise. This means that every time you book a programme or session, or rent the Nurture gym space, you will be passing on some health-promoting benefits to others.

For 2020 I am volunteering for, and donating to, Green Acres Rural Enterprises in Staverton, Northamptonshire. The enterprise provides education and support for school children to give them more confidence in their abilities to lead a healthy lifestyle. It works particularly with those children who benefit from a more practical form of education and through their cooking and gardening courses can provide not only practical work experience but also a fantastic foundation in nutrition. The children also become more widely involved in the community as they serve their food to local Care Homes and provide meals-on-wheels type services.

Over the following few months I hope to be able to provide some outdoor exercise classes to the children to complement their culinary education and I look forward to sharing with you what we get up to.

My first volunteer session

During my first volunteer session at Green Acres I introduced the students to yoga. As the weather was so wet we adapted the dining area into a studio, I brought mats and yoga tunes and provided a fun and hopefully inspiring session. I emphasised the individual nature of yoga and how it can mean different things to different people. Some students had not participated in group exercise classes for several years whilst others were gymnasts in the making. What was so inspiring was that within a few minutes they were all joining in and enjoying themselves.

We talked about the physical and mental benefits of yoga and how this ancient practice now has a significant body of scientific research supporting the positive health implications. It is becoming a hugely popular and widespread activity that is appropriate for all ages, sizes and cultures. Particularly relevant to this group of students was the relaxation and breathing parts of the session. In such an overstimulating world it is hard for them to find ways of switching off and I hope they will find this yoga practice helpful.

At the end of the session some students were keen to teach me some of their dance moves. They were shocked to find that I could actually access some relevant music on my phone and from there proceeded to take me through a “Tik Tok” dance routine! Over the next few weeks we will be building on this yoga introduction and I have set them a challenge to put together a Tik Tok routine for me. It’s brilliant to see them come alive and enjoy taking exercise and interacting with each other. This to me is exactly what exercising is all about.

For more information about this brilliant enterprise:

Junior Parkrun, Daventry

For those of you not familiar with Parkrun, this is the brilliant organisation that provides free, weekly, timed 5Km or 2Km run in parks around the world. The runs (and they are strictly referred to as runs not races!) are open to all ages and abilities and are marshalled entirely by volunteers.

If you have never tried one visit to find your nearest one and give it a go. I have always found the atmosphere to be extremely welcoming and encouraging. Whilst serious runners can use the runs to smash their PBs the average times recorded across the UK has reduced significantly over recent years as more and more newcomers have joined in to start their running/ power walking journeys.

I am a marshal volunteer for the Junior 2Km Parkrun on Sundays in Daventry Sports Park, Browns Road, NN11 4NS. I love doing this as it gives me a chance to give something back to a sport I am passionate about and it is fantastic to see kids literally running for fun!

For more information on the joys of Parkrunning click here to read my daughter Matilda’s blog:

Winwick Hall Charity Run

Sunday 21st June 2020

Nurture Health and Fitness is proudly sponsoring a new Northamptonshire trail running event this summer, the Winwick Hall Charity Trail Race. It promises to be a fantastic day out with the new 5 and 13 Km routes taking in some spectacular rural scenery set predominately off road on undulating trails.

All profits from the race will be shared between the Bruce Green Foundation, West Haddon Primary School PTA and the Ultra Tour of Mont Blanc Environmental Protection Charity. These charities work to help disadvantaged children in Northamptonshire, support the learning environment of local primary school children and safeguard the impact of trail running in mountainous regions, respectively.