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About me

We all have our own stories. The hows and whys of becoming a vet and the life we’ve lived since that graduation party.  

This is mine. I tell it so you can know that I hear you, I feel you and that your story matters too.  

Ever since Smarty the Shetland arrived in my life (he was 24 years young, I was 4 years old) it has always been about being a horse vet.  

My passion for knowledge and challenge powered me through two post-graduate certifications (Equine Practice and Equine Orthopaedic Surgery) whilst juggling family commitments with a wonderful but hyperactive husband and two young daughters. 

Life was looking pretty great, until suddenly it wasn’t.   

I developed Meniere’s Disease, a condition of the inner ear and had several months of going to work then wobbling over, leaning against stable walls, lying on the floor in the vets office, letting down clients and colleagues.

The final straw was BEVA Congress 2019.  I was helping on a stand, enjoying making new connections and seeing old friends. Then from nowhere, mid afternoon, just as the drug rep wine was in full flow, I had to be helped out of the hall and led to a quiet corner to collapse.  I looked like I had enjoyed the hospitality a little too much but hadn’t drunk a drop. 

I retired from practice a few months later, feeling like a big fat let down to friends, colleagues and clients at the practice, my husband and kids and worst of all my parents who had financed me through vet school.  

Fast forward to now and I’m delighted to be back working in the veterinary industry.  It took 18 months to rebuild my health and structure a work schedule that was sustainable.  I dug into the science, qualified as a Nutrition and Exercise Advisor and learnt the power of starting small when trying to make progress. 

Everything I learnt I experimented on myself.  I cleaned up my eating habits, started practising yoga and even dabbled in meditation.  My most significant experiment was with exercise.  I started with 5 minutes of Joe Wicks routines and slowly converted myself from a sporadic exerciser to an avid ultra marathon runner.

As a Certified Health Coach and Tiny Habits Behaviour Change Coach I now specialise in helping vets take back control of their lives.  The lives they feel they may have lost to rotas and childcare, certificate study and mortgage commitments.  They learn how to feel energised and all round awesome again.  

This is my story. And from it I want you to know;

You are not alone in your struggle to balance a veterinary career and home life.

If you are feeling like there is no time and you have no energy to improve your health and protect yourself against burnout – there IS a way.  A way that is backed by science and can be personalised to any diary and lifestyle.

You do not have to be a “sporty” type or a wellness warrior. Making small, practical changes can have a massive impact on mental and physical health.  

Ready to take the next step to living healthier and happier?

Here’s what other vets say…

“After multiple failed attempts to fit exercise into my busy life, working with Alice has been amazing. Her personalised approach, ongoing encouragement and evidence-based methods have set me on a fitness path which is both feasible around my sometimes hectic schedule, sustainable and actually enjoyable! No inflexible and scary fitness regimes, but working with me, my time and my personality to find ways of getting active that I love and actually want to do. Highly recommend!”

Elizabeth Y.

“I just wanted to say how much I like your tiny habits method! I realised recently that I was doing no exercise and eating way too much chocolate, the result of which was weight gain. But the thought of getting into doing several sessions on the exercise bike a week and cutting out all “treats” meant I couldn’t get started. But now I will get out on the bike for 5 minutes as it is better than none. And I do more. I have made many good swaps. Lots of tiny things added up make a big difference.”

Sarah M.

“I have never received any coaching on an individual level for any aspect of life so I was initially slightly sceptical but you have radically changed this view. I know that you would be able to help people with addressing eating healthily, with return to exercise, with time management, to increase flexibility and core strength, to identify their own needs. You have advice to give to those managing families, managing injuries, those struggling to prioritise health and so much knowledge of nutrition.”

Sarah P.