5 reasons to pick up a book….

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On the 5th March it is World Book Day. This day is all about reading books so I am going to share with you 5 reasons to read a book.

It transports you to a new world

When you read a book you imagine lots of things and sometimes you imagine a completely new world.

My example: His Dark Materials (by Philip Pullman).

It can help you with spelling and vocabulary

Often whe you read a book you come across words you have never seen before.  This is a great way of learning new words and how to spell them.  

My Example: “edged”, meaning slowly creeping towards something (in Snow Foal by Suzanna Bailey)

It’s a really fun way to learn about different facts

You can find out about many new things, especially in non fiction books. 

My example: Your chimp is like another version of you that can take control if you get angry. (My Hidden Chimp by Prof. Steve Peters)

It’s a great way to relax

If you are feeling a bit tired reading a book is a great thing to do because you don’t need alot of energy to do it.  It’s also much better for you than looking at a screen.

My example: I like to read a book before I go to sleep.

It can inspire you to do new things

If you read something in a book it can inspire you to do something in real life.

My example: I got inspired to do more running and exploring when I read Fantastic Femail Adventures (by Lily Dyu).

So have fun and read a book this month!