5 Favourite Books on the Eve of World Book Day!

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I couldn’t resist sharing a few of my favourite health, fitness and nutrition books.  Some are cover to cover reads to enjoy on a commute, a holiday or during some down time at home while others are more to dip into and “taste”.  Either way these books have all had a significant impact on the way I think and behave.  I hope many of you will find them as inspiring as I have.

The Stress Solution (Dr Rangan Chatterjee)

Written by a practicing GP specialising in lifestyle medicine this breaks down quality up to date research into simple messages and gives numerous practical tools to tackle the stresses we can all encounter in life. 

Finding Ultra (Rich Roll)

The book that inspired me to start running “long”.  An autobiography of the journey from alcohol addiction and chronic ill health to elite endurance running.  I have read many other similar accounts since first reading this book but Finding Ultra is the absolute stand out for me. A true classic that will appeal to anyone who is looking for inspiration to make some changes in their life or is struggling to overcome any form of addiction. 

Born to Run (Christopher McDougall)

The book that inspires me to keep running. The author digs deep into our ancestory to look at why running is such an integral part of being human.  When it is weather is throwing everything at me and I’m struggling to rationalise why I am heading out for a run I always think of this book.

Eat Yourself Healthy (Dr Megan Rossi)

A new addition to my library this book fills a gap that nothing else has quite managed to.  Again it takes peer reviewed evidence and professional medical experience (I love science!) and makes it readable.  For anyone who is looking to better understand gut health and all the common misconsceptions this is a brilliant reference.  

I Quit Sugar (Sarah Wilson)

I think I read this cover to cover while my husband was reading Finding Ultra. We brought our new found appreciation of nutrition and exercise together and started to prioritise our health decisions in an entirely different way.  As the author rightly says, once you have learned how many teaspoons of sugar are in a glass of apple juice you can’t forget! (It’s 10 by the way and 10 to 12 in some tomato pasta sauces!)

These are my current top five, but allow me one last recommendation;  any cook book by Leon – the wonderful business started with the aim of making fast food delicious, nutritious and accessible. 

So read, eat, run, repeat!