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“Alice is a brilliant mentor who has encouraged me
to try new things and make really positive life changes”

Chloe W.

Welcome to Nurture Health and Fitness!

My name is Alice Sheldon and I am delighted to welcome you to Nurture Health and Fitness.

Have you ever wondered what life would be like with more energy, increased self-esteem and less stress and anxiety?

Would you like to be able to fully participate in outdoor activities with your friends and family, have superior concentration and enthusiasm at work and enjoy your downtime without worrying about what you should or shouldn’t be eating or drinking?

The Nurture programmes and services are designed to help you achieve a healthier, happier life. They will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to sustain your new found lifestyle and your progression over the weeks will demonstrate how small, consistent changes can amount to unimaginable results.

Whatever your age or current ability making a commitment to increase your movement and improve your nutrition will have significant benefits for your mental and physical health.

If you are tired of starting diet after diet, bored of the same gym routine or frustrated at your lack of progress it is time to look for a fresh approach. One that fits around your daily schedule, makes you feel positive and energised and brings you results without pain and exhaustion; one that nurtures you.

Why Nurture?

I founded Nurture because I believe exercise should be accessible for everyone and if possible, it should be done outdoors. Similarly, weight management and lifestyle changes should be approached in a way that is kind and respectful to the body and applicable to all ages and backgrounds. In short, these cornerstones of health
should “nurture” us.

I have seen first-hand the benefits of outdoor activity in my own family as I went on a journey from sporadic exerciser, juggling a stressful job and raising two young girls, to winning my first 100 mile trail race and enjoying camping trips in the hills.


Pivotal to the success and enjoyment of this journey is my now long term coach and mentor, Maree Jesson.

Maree’s extensive fitness knowledge and sports massage expertise have allowed my not-so-youthful self to become strong and energised. It is, however, her ongoing inspiration and mentoring support that I value the most and it is the magic of this added value that my ethos emulates.

When my career as an orthopaedic veterinary surgeon was cut short by a diagnosis of an inner ear condition (Meniere’s Disease) I was left in no doubt that I should combine my scientific background with my passion for health and fitness.

Through Nurture I provide a professional service with a personal touch, drawing on my experience and qualifications to share knowledge, show understanding and above all give support and inspiration.

In Person or Online

Nurture Health and Fitness provides training and coaching both in person and online.

At my home in West Haddon, Northamptonshire, I have a private, well equipped open-fronted gym space as well as a woodland exercise area to accommodate clients without the need for any gym memberships. I also travel to clients’ homes in the local area and arrange outdoor sessions in their own environment. Exercising in company not only helps boost motivation and confidence but is safer and more enjoyable.

Coaching sessions with nutrition and weight management clients are conducted in my private wood office.


I love the connection of meeting and exercising with people in real life but this is not always practical or possible.

If you are unable to travel or live outside the local area my online service is the perfect way to get personal interaction and support without geography getting in the way.

What is Tiny Habits Coaching?

I offer individual coaching consultations and programmes via Zoom. As a Certified Tiny Habits Coach I specialise in helping busy people break down the overwhelming task of creating sustainable and effective exercise and nutrition changes bringing increased energy and vitality into their lives.

I have worked particularly hard to design online coaching programmes specifically to help clients who suffer from chronic disease or illness. My personal journey with Meniere’s Disease has led me to appreciate even more the importance of nutrition and exercise in managing mental and physical discomfort. I offer support, guidance and inspiration to those who are looking to improve their health through lifestyle changes.


Read a testimonial below from Chloe W. to find out more about my approach…

“Before I started my Nurture programme I was struggling with anxiety and stress, mainly revolving around my work life. My Nuture programme has taught me some incredibly valuable techniques to combat the stress and anxiety and focus on my mental wellbeing in an achievable way. The fact the programme is tailored to each person is fantastic, it means you’re not trying to cram in exercises when you don’t have time, which is what I’ve tried to do before and it had put me off.

“Alice is a brilliant mentor who has encouraged me to try new things and make really positive life changes. As well as the stress relieving exercises, I have also been running with Alice, this is something I have never committed to before but I felt a big difference in my fitness level by week 3! I now really enjoy going for an evening run or spending part of my evening doing stretching and strengthening exercises, which is something I never thought I would hear myself say. The Nurture programme has changed my daily routine in a hugely positive way and I feel much more relaxed, much healthier and much happier.” Chloe W.

There is more to life than counting calories and burning them off.

Nurture’s emphasis is placed strongly on promoting the many factors that go together to enhance mental and physical health.

It also acknowledges that we are all different. My aim is not to convert everyone into ultra marathon runners but to inspire an interest in the wonders of simply moving more and being outside.

Prioritising time and money to take care of your health can feel daunting and even selfish. I specialise in showing how even the busiest schedules can incorporate a little more movement.

Get in touch!

For more information and to learn how to start your own Nurture journey please use the contact details below.

I am available around the clock as personal contact and support to all clients is a hallmark of my service.