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I help overwhelmed veterinarians lose weight and live healthier, happier lives.

My name is Alice Sheldon. Welcome to Nurture Health and Fitness!

Are you a vet suffering from overwhelm, stress and exhaustion?

I’m here to help. I get it. A day in the life of a practising vet is challenging. 

Throw in a couple of unusual cases, an unruly animal or two and extra family commitments and your “average” day can quickly become extremely difficult.  

As these days mount up it becomes harder to find time to look after your health, muster the energy for exercise and motivation to dodge the ever-present biscuit tin or service station snack.  

What happened to feeling naturally fit and energised, excited about a challenge and ready for anything? 

If your hamster wheel is going too fast and you don’t know how to change the settings, 

If, you’d love to exercise more, eat better and sleep peacefully but can’t find a way to make it happen, 

If, you’d like to have more energy, balance and joy in your life,

You are in the right place.

Join me and vets like you in our supportive facebook group

 If you want to live healthier and happier as a vet, join me and the wonderful VetMums community in this awesome group.

It is a safe and expert-led space, tailored specifically for veterinarians.

Ask questions on all things wellbeing and weight loss, share your highs and lows and reach out to us for accountability.